Searching for files - the basics

Learn how to find files in Swivle

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Getting to know Swivle begins by learning how to find files. You could use our demo files for this, but of course you can also upload your own files!

In this article we describe the basic ways in which you can locate a file in Swivle

Note: When you are using the Brand portal, see Finding files in the Brand portal.

Ways of searching

There are 3 different ways in which you can search for files: 

  1. By entering a search term.

  2. By browsing the folder structure of Swivle.

  3. By filtering the search results by using additional criteria.

Each of these methods can be used individually or in combination with one or all of the other methods.

Example: Here, all 3 methods are used: a search term "cabin blend" is entered in the Search box (A), a folder named 'Images' is selected (B) and the search results are filtered to show images which have the status 'final' (C). 

Want to know more advanced methods to search for files? Read our article about searching.

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