Branding your Swivle environment

Changing the look and feel of your Swivle environment

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You can change the look and feel of Swivle and the Brand portal to match the style of the brand for which it is used, for example by matching it with the branding of your company, product or publication.

The following can be adjusted:

  • The logo in the header.

  • The color of the header.

  • The highlight color (used for buttons, selections and various other small page items).

To change the branding of your Swivle environment:

Step 1. As admin, open the Management Console.

Step 2. On the left hand side, click to open the Branding page.

On this page you can configure the branding to your liking. On the right hand side of the screen you can see a preview of the settings you have configured. 

Depending on the colors you choose, overlaying text will automatically adjust color so that it remains readable.

When you are satisfied with your configuration, click Apply in the top right corner to apply the branding to your Swivle environment.

Note: You might sometimes need to clear your browser cache before the branding is properly applied in your browser.

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