Step 1.
Click Users or Groups in the navigation menu on the left.

Step 2. Select the user or group you'd like to create a rule for.

Step 3. Go to the Rules (A) tab and click the + (B) button.

The New Rule dialog appears.

Step 4. Enter a descriptive name for your rule. 

Step 5. Add a folder path and / or metadata query which will be applied to the rule.
For more information on queries, see Fine-tuning your searches using queries.

Step 6. Click Next to go to the Permissions tab.

Step 7. In the permissions tab, you can do the following: 

  • A See the users and groups to which the rule is applied. By default, the user or group selected on the main page is added to a new rule.

  • B Add more users or groups to the rule.

  • C Remove users or groups from the rule.

  • D Select which permissions are granted to each user or group. Note that some permissions require other permissions applied as well. These will then automatically be activated. 

  • E Hover over permission icons to see what they mean.

  • F Quickly select / deselect all permissions using the last checkbox.

Step 8. Click Save to save your rule.

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