After your account has been created, you might want to change your user name, password, or e-mail address.

This article explains how this can be done.

Changing your user name or password

To change your user name or password, log in to Swivle, click on your Avatar icon and choose Account settings.

Tip: Changing your password can also be done by using the 'Forgot password' option in the Log In screen.

Figure: Accessing the Account settings panel from the Avatar menu.

Figure: The Account settings panel.

Changing your e-mail address

At this moment it is unfortunately not possible to change the e-mail address of your Swivle account.

As an alternative method we recommend to create a new user.

If you have multiple Swivle licenses, you can ask one of the Swivle admins to delete your current account and invite you on the other e-mail address.

If you only have 1 Content Manager license, please reach out to us at, so that we can help you out.

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