Supported file types
This article describes the file types that are supported in Swivle
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Any file type can be stored in Swivle. However, for commonly used types Swivle creates thumbnails and previews. Additionally, the system extracts and embeds metadata within the files. The following table shows the common file types that are supported.

Image files

Standard file types

  1. Not all file types support embedding of all types of metadata fields, for example PNG files have very limited support for metadata embedding and some older EPS files have no support for metadata embedding because they were saved in a Postscript only structure.

  2. The preview will be taken from the embedded thumbnail that is stored in the XMP-metadata of the PSB file.

Raw camera files

Video files

Audio files

3D files

Document files

For common document formats, Swivle extracts text content to make it possible to search for any text contained in the file.

Standard file types

InDesign / InCopy file types

Tip: InDesign previews can be improved in the InDesign application where the document was created or edited. In the InDesign preferences you can change the file handling to create higher quality previews (up to 1024 pixels) from 1, 2, 5 or all pages (depending on the InDesign version). Swivle will use those previews when available.

Word file types

Powerpoint file types

Excel file types

Web files

Flash files

XML files

Archive files

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