Swivle and GDPR compliance

Swivle is a cloud based Digital Asset Management solution by WoodWing Software BV. This means that Swivle’s GDPR compliance is part of the larger program for Data Protection within WoodWing group of companies includes WoodWing Software BV, WoodWing Europe, WoodWing USA and WoodWing Asia Pacific / Digital Services.

What did we do to comply?

WoodWing engaged with a third party to review all internal documentation and took compliance steps within the whole group of companies to meet legal obligations under the GDPR. Compliance with data protection legislation at WoodWing group of companies is work in progress: documents, policies and internal processes are gradually updated. Swivle is part of these ongoing efforts . 

Updates to the privacy policy

Swivle has an independent privacy policy that is in line with privacy policy for WoodWing Software BV. Full text of Swivle’s privacy policy can be found here

Third party services

A list of third party tools and services relied upon by Swivle can be found in our privacy policy, sections 2.10 and 4. We have made sure that Swivle has a Data Processing Agreement with every third party service and tool. We also ensure that Swivle concludes Data Processing Agreements with each customer. You can request a copy of our TOMs by contacting our representative via email: team@swivle.com.

Data protection officer role

WoodWing Software BV formed a group of employees within the organization dedicated and responsible for the implementation of GDPR compliance throughout the group of companies, supervising compliance in relation to all products and solutions, including Swivle. 

Technical and Organizational Measures

Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs) to protect personal data within Swivle have been drafted on the basis of the existing practices within WoodWing group of companies. You can request a copy of our TOMs by contacting our representative via email: team@swivle.com. 

International data transfers

We have offices in The Netherlands, The United States of America, and Malaysia. 

Transfers to and from The United States of America are protected the Privacy Shield

Transfers to and from Malaysia are based on Article 49 of the GDPR (limited transfers for compelling legitimate interests).

Hosting infrastructure and storing data

Our website and services are hosted on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure currently situated in Ireland, The United States of America, Singapore and Australia. 

All data is stored in one of these countries. A new customer will automatically be assigned to the country that achieves the lowest latency for them during the registration process.

WoodWing Software BV may decide in the future to move the stored data to another country in order to optimize hosting facilities and infrastructure or to comply with regulatory requirement. 


If you have specific questions or would like to receive additional information regarding GDPR compliance, you can reach out to our Privacy group via email: privacyofficer@woodwing.com

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