Troubleshooting Swivle for InDesign

This article describes how to enable logging for Swivle for InDesign.

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To troubleshoot technical issues that may occur when using Swivle for InDesign, logging can be enabled. This creates a file in which actions that Swivle for InDesign performs are stored, which can help Support troubleshoot exactly where something goes wrong.

Enabling logging can be done through the following preference:

  • Preferences > WoodWing > Enable Logging

From this screen, you can also open the folder containing the log files.

Reporting problems

Your next step is to try and reproduce the problems that you are having so that they are recorded in the log files.

Send us these files either using the chat at the bottom-right or by sending an e-mail to

Make sure to describe the steps you performed and the outcome that you expected. This way we can quickly help in figuring out what might be going wrong.

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