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Swivle for InDesign makes it possible to use various methods of working with the files that are stored in Swivle. The working of these methods can be controlled by setting preferences.

The preferences that can be set in Swivle for InDesign are described in this article.

Accessing the preferences

In the InDesign preferences, select Swivle or WoodWing.


The following tables give a short description of each preference and links to articles where more information can be found.


  • File cache. When working in InDesign with files that are stored in Swivle, these files are sometimes downloaded to your system and stored in a cache folder.

    Enabling the caching of these files, how long the files are stored for, and the maximum size of the folder in which they are stored can be controlled with this preference.

    For more information, see Managing cached files in Swivle for InDesign.

  • Linking files. When a layout is opened from Swivle, placed images are automatically updated with their latest version on Swivle. It does this by looking for files based on various properties such as its name or ID.

    This feature can be disabled and the order in which the properties are used for finding the right file can be changed.

  • Log in. When InDesign is started or a local document is opened, a dialog appears for logging in to Swivle. When not working on files that are stored in Swivle, this can be disabled so that the dialog does not appear.


  • Logging. To troubleshoot technical issues that may occur when using Swivle for InDesign, logging can be enabled. This creates a file in which actions that Swivle for InDesign performs are stored, which can help Support troubleshoot exactly where something goes wrong.

    For more information, see Troubleshooting Swivle for InDesign.

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