Shared Collections are dynamic

Sharing Collections is a great way of sharing files. The benefit of sharing a Collection though is that they are dynamic: when adding or removing files from the Collection, these changes are also visible to the user of the link.

Sharing Collections

Sharing Collections with others is done for many different reasons, including:

  • Approve, reject or comment on files internally by editors or externally by clients and customers

  • Letting a production team use them in an upcoming publication

  • Distributing them to internal or external users for their reference (such as documents, presentations or videos)

You share a Collection by sending a hyperlink (referred to as a 'Shared Link') to the recipient. This hyperlink gives that recipient access to only those files in Swivle that you share through the Collection.

Who you can share the Collection with

The Shared Link can be sent to anyone, including those that do not exist as a user in Swivle. No log-in is required to view the files.

How to share a Collection

The process is identical to sharing individual files. For a full description, see Share files using the Pro client.

You can manage all your shared links in "Shared Links" on top right in the menu bar. Links can be searched, edited, deleted and eventually you can visit the links.

Note: Expired links will be removed from the list.

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