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Installing Swivle for InDesign

Learn how to install the plug-in to connect Swivle with InDesign

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Swivle for InDesign connects Adobe InDesign or InDesign Server to Swivle. With Swivle for InDesign installed, the following can be done:

  • Placing files from Swivle onto a layout. A direct link to the file in Swivle is then made: when the file is updated in Swivle, the file that is placed on the layout is updated too.

  • Opening layouts directly from Swivle in InDesign for editing.

  • Opening placed images from the layout for editing and saving them back to Swivle as a different file type.

This article explains how to install Swivle for InDesign on a system on which it is not yet installed, and how to update an existing installation of Swivle for InDesign.


Using Swivle for InDesign requires a Content Manager license.

The following versions of InDesign are supported:

  • Adobe 2024

  • Adobe 2023

  • Adobe 2022

  • Adobe 2021

Before you start

When you currently have the 'Elvis InDesign plug-in' (version 3.2.x) installed (the predecessor of Swivle for InDesign), uninstall this before or after installing the Swivle InDesign plug-in.


Step 1: Use the following link to download the installer to your system:

Step 2: Open the downloaded file, double-click the installer and follow the instructions on screen.

Updating the InDesign plug-in

Once the InDesign plug-in is installed, you will be notified when a new version is available for download.

Do one of the following:

  • Click Not Now to dismiss the message. It will appear the next time you log in to Swivle or when next starting InDesign.

  • Click Skip Version to dismiss the message. It will not appear until a next new version is available.

  • Click Download to access this download page. Download the installer from above, run it and follow the instructions on screen.

Note: If your currently installed version is older than, you will need to upgrade to or newer be able to login.

Components added to InDesign

After installation, the following components will have been added to InDesign:

  • A 'Swivle' entry to the main menu. It contains options for connecting to and updating content in Swivle as well as a Help option for accessing the documentation on the Swivle Help Center.

Figure: The "Swivle" menu contains options for connecting to and working with Swivle.

  • Swivle preferences in the Preferences dialog. It contains options for controlling various features of Swivle for InDesign. For details, see Swivle preferences in InDesign.

  • Options to the Links panel. The following entries are added for displaying in the panel (you can access this by choosing 'Panel Options' from the Links panel menu):

  • Swivle Path. The path of the linked file on Swivle. 

  • Swivle ID. The Swivle ID of the linked file.

  • Swivle URL. The URL to the Swivle object of the linked file.

Figure: The options in the Links Panel Options dialog.

Figure: The Links panel with options shown in the Link Info pane.

  • An About Swivle Plug-ins... option in the InDesign menu (on macOS) or Help menu (on Windows). This displays the version of the Swivle InDesign plug-in that is installed.

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