When you check-in a new version of a file into Swivle, the original file is not deleted. Instead, Swivle will create a new version of the file which replaces the original one. 

Swivle will keep up to 5 versions of a file, after which the oldest version will be deleted. 

Browsing versions

You can view the versions of a selected file in the Versions panel, located on the right side of the screen. The versions panel shows the following information about a version:

  • The version number
  • A thumbnail of the version
  • The date and time the version was updated in Swivle
  • Avatar of the user who checked-in the file

Tip: Hover over the avatar, to see the name of the user who has checked in a version.

Figure: To view the versions of a file, open the Versions tab, located in the right panel under the Metadata button. 

For each version, you can click the menu button to either Download, Revert or Delete the version (see figure below).

Reverting a version

You can always revert a file to a previous version by pressing the menu button on a version, and then choosing the Revert option. After that you can optionally add a comment, after which you must click Save. Swivle will then restore the reverted version as a new version. 

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