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Working with file versions and file history
Working with file versions and file history

This article explains how file versions and file history let you keep track of changes and how to revert them when necessary.

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Once a file is uploaded to Swivle it can undergo many changes: it can be checked-out, checked-in, its content can be changed, it can be approved, its name can be changed, and so on.ย 

It is important to be aware of which changes have been made to a file, by whom they were made, when they were made, and also to be able to restore changes when needed.

The History panel

The History panel shows the version and history information of a single file.

It can be accessed by clicking its icon in the toolbar on the right side of the page.

Browsing versions

A version of a file is created whenever it is checked-in in Swivle โ€” either through Swivle or Swivle for InDesign. You can view the versions of a selected file in the Versions tab. The versions tab shows the following information about a version:

  • The version number.

  • A thumbnail of the version.

  • The date the version was updated in Swivle.

  • The e-mail addres of the user who checked-in the file.

For each version, you can click the menu button to either Download, Revert, or Delete the version (see figure below).

Reverting a version

You can always revert a file to a previous version by clicking the menu button on a version and then choosing the Revert option. In the window that appears you can optionally add a comment, and then click Save. Swivle then restores the reverted version as a new version.ย 

Viewing the history of a file

Any changes to the metadata that are made for a file as well as the actions that are performed on a file can be viewed in the Full History tab of the panel.

Changes and actions are ordered by the time period in which they were made (today, yesterday, 2 weeks ago, and so on).

Shown is the name of the action or the metadata field that is changed together with the value that it is changed to.
To quickly see when a change was made and by whom, hover the mouse pointer over an item to make a tooltip appear with that information.

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