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Downloading files and folders

Learn how to download files and folders from Swivle to your local machine.

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When working with files that are stored in Swivle, there may come a point that you want to save one or more files locally to use them in some way.

In Swivle it is possible to download a single file, a range of selected files, or a complete folder structure.

Tip: If your goal is to download the file for editing, consider checking out the file, rather than downloading. This prevents other users from working on the same file at the same time.

Downloading files

Downloading one or more files is done by searching for the files that you want to download, selecting them and subsequently clicking Download in the menu bar.

When clicking Download, Swivle automatically downloads the best quality version of the file you have access to. This means that when you have access to the original, the original file is downloaded; if you only have access to the file preview, the preview of the file is downloaded.

Additionally, you can click the chevron icon next to the Download button for additional download options, as explained below.

The various options in the Download menu (yours may vary depending on the setup and access rights).

Tip: You can also right-click a file to open the context menu to download a file. 

Preview file

Using the ‘Download Preview’ option will download a preview of the file in the following ways:

  • Images and videos are downloaded in the same dimensions but at a lower resolution.

  • Documents and presentations are downloaded as a Web page.

  • Layouts are downloaded as images.

  • Collections are downloaded as a ZIP file containing a preview of every file in the Collection.

Original file

This downloads an exact copy of the file.

Download Preset

The system administrator can create presets containing often used download settings (as opposed to you having to choose these settings manually each time, see Custom Download below).

Download Presets make downloading files on a regular basis using the same download settings much more efficient. Simply click an available preset to download an image in those settings.

Custom Download 

Use this option to download an image in a particular combination of format, dimension and resolution.

Downloading folders

Instead of downloading a range of selected files, you can also download a complete folder including any available sub folders (together with all metadata of each individual file).

Example: When downloading the Demo Zone/Images folder, all the files are downloaded that are in the Images folder itself but also all sub folders and the files that are in those sub folders.

To do this, use the Folder browser (A) to select a folder to download and click the chevron icon (B). The folder, its content (with metadata) together with any sub folders and their content will be downloaded as a ZIP file when you click the Download (C) button.

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