Setting up Download presets

Help your users save time by saving often-used custom download settings as presets.

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By default, users can either download a preview of a file, download the original file, or they can create a custom download to download the file in a specific format, size and resolution.

Note: This applies to downloading files in Swivle itself as well as downloading files that are shared.

To improve efficiency, download presets containing often used download settings can be made available to user groups. This way the users do not have to go through the process of creating a custom download each time themselves.

Each assigned Download Preset appears in the Download menu for that user.

Figure: Download Presets make it easy for users to quickly download files in a specific format, size and resolution.

Creating Download Presets

Step 1. Accessthe Management Console, and in the Download presets tab on the right click on the Groups page followed by the + at the bottom.

The Create preset window appears.

Step 2. Define the settings as required and click Save.

Step 3. (Optional) Add additional Presets as needed.

The created Download Presets will be assigned to users when setting up user groups.

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