This article describes the various ways in which files can be located in Swivle by using the Brand portal.

Browsing by Category

By default, the Brand portal will show you all the available files in Swivle. To find the files you need, you can browse by category, as seen in the screen shot below.

Example: Here, the current category (A) "Images" is selected. The selection can be narrowed by selecting a sub-category (B) or broadened, by selecting the Back (C) button.

Additionally, you can see and browse back to any of the parent categories by clicking on the current category (A).

Further narrowing results

Entering a search term

You can enter a search in the Search box (D) to narrow down your results

Sorting results

Results can be sorted by selecting the Sort by (E) button and selecting the desired sorting method.

Adding filters

Results can be further narrowed by adding a selection of filters. In the Brand portal, you may filter by Tags or file Extension

Adding filters can be done by expanding the Filters panel (F) and selecting the desired filters.

If you regularly search for the same files, save the search by creating a bookmark in the Web browser.

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