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Sharing your files using a public or password protected Portal
Sharing your files using a public or password protected Portal

Create a public or private portal with Swivle.

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With Portals you can make your archive (or a part of your archive) available for colleagues, partners, resellers or clients. They will be able to search through your archive and download the relevant material, all in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

You can create multiple public or password protected portals. Each portal is accessible on its own subdomain (, has unique content, and can be individually branded using your own logo and colors. 

This makes it possible for example to:

  • Create a public brand portal where you share your brand's files (logo's, fonts, brochures, and so on.)

  • Create a personal environment for your clients. Ideal for photographers and agencies.

  • Create a private portal for your partners, distributors or resellers where they can find your latest product and marketing material.

Sharing files by setting up a Portal is done by the Swivle administrator as part of managing Portals. For more information, see Managing Portals.

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