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Promoting Collections or folders on your Portal homepage
Promoting Collections or folders on your Portal homepage

Add a header and promote items on your Portal homepage.

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Portals can be used for promoting specific material such as brochures and products. From it, visitors can download and optionally share files.

Promoting folders or Collections for increased visibility and findability is done by adding them to the front page of a Portal, in combination with a title, header, and a short description.

This way, you can: ย 

  • Theme the homepage with an image and provide extra information or an introduction to the people visiting your portal using a title and description.

  • Promote a folder or Collection that you want to highlight for your clients, agencies, or internal colleagues.

  • Guide your portal visitors with easy access to frequently requested items without requiring them to navigate through the folder structure.

Promoting folders and Collections in a Portal is done by a Swivle administrator as part of managing Portals. For more information, see Managing Portals.

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