In our Portals, you can add a relevant image as a header and add a title and description to the portal homepage. Moreover, you can promote a number of folders or collections to be showcased on the homepage with a tailored image and description, and organise these in the order you would like to display them. This enables your portal to serve your visitors more purposefully and user-friendly.

This allows you to:  

  • Theme the homepage with an image and provide extra information or introduction to the people visiting your portal using a title and description.

  • Promote a folder or collection that you want to highlight for your clients, agencies or internal colleagues.

  • Guide your portal visitors with easy access to frequently requested items without requiring them to navigate through the folder structure.

How to promote items in the Portals

Promoted items in the Portals can be configured in the following steps by the Swivle administrator

Step 1. Go to the Portal page in the Management Console.

Step 2. Click the portal you want to organise by promoting items.

Step 3. Click on “Open Portal in Edit Mode” on the bottom of the page. You will be directed to edit mode of the portal.

Step 4. Click on “Add image” in order to browse the image from your computer that you want to use for the header of the portal, or simply drag and drop the image on the header.

Tip: We recommend you use an image with minimal dimension 1920x477px for the optimal result in the header. Don’t upload images much larger than that to prevent a slow loading experience for your portal visitors.

To replace the current header image click on the folder icon. Use the trashcan icon to remove the selected header image.

Step 5. Optionally enter a title and description that you want to show in the header.

Step 6. Click on the + symbol to promote a folder or collection. Select a folder or a collection that you want to promote. Click on “Add image” in order to browse the image from your computer that you want to use for the promoted folder, or simply drag and drop the image.

Step 7. In order to see the changes you made, click on “Open Portal” on the top right. That will direct you to the portal.

Note: all changes that are made in the Edit mode will be automatically saved and published to the live Portal.

Step 8 (optional). To change the order the promoted items, you can use arrows and to un-promote items, click on the remove icon in the top right of the promoted folder.

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