Metadata query ‘Embargo Date’:

  • The first step is to adding the embargo date, using the metadata field "License Start Date" to the asset. When the embargo is between a certain period you can also include and "License End Date" to the metadata.

  • The second step is to add a metadata query rule to the folder in the management console (Portals). Content matching this rule will only be available in the brand portal.

For example; only content with the embargo date 2020-05-01 will be viewable and downloadable when the following metadata query was added:

licenseStartDate:[2020-05-01 TO *]

Metadata query ‘Accessible between two dates’:

Maybe your use-case requires making the content available between two dates. For example viewing and downloading the brochure is only available between 2020-05-01 until 2020-05-10.

  • The first step is adding the correct dates to the metadata fields "License Start Date" and "License End Date".

  • The second step is adding a metadata query containing the following values:

licenseStartDate:[2020-05-01 TO *] AND licenseEndDate:[* TO 2020-05-10]

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