Swivle has the ability to track the usage of files stored in Swivle across Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files. These relationships between files can be found in the Placed files panel. Two types of relationships are displayed:

  • Placed files, e.g: images in Swivle that are placed on an InDesign layout

  • Placed on, e.g: InDesign layouts in Swivle that an image is placed on

Placed files

Good to know

  • To see placed files, a single file must be selected.

  • Placed files cannot be determined for file formats that do not support metadata embedding. See our supported file types for more detail.

  • Swivle only tracks placed files that are stored in Swivle.

  • A placed file can only be displayed when the file was stored in Swivle when it was placed on the document.

  • A maximum of 20 files are displayed in the panel. To expand the results, use View all.

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