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Sharing files with others using the Brand portal
Sharing files with others using the Brand portal

This articles describes how to easily share files using the Brand portal.

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Files that are stored in Swivle can be easily shared by using the Brand portal.

This is done by sending a hyperlink (referred to as a 'Shared Link') to the recipient. This hyperlink gives that recipient access to only those files in Swivle that you share.

Figure: Files when viewing them in a Shared Link.

Who you can share the files with

The Shared Link can be sent to anyone, including those that do not exist as a user in Swivle. No log-in is required to view the files.

What users can do with the shared files

When users access the Shared link, they can do the following:

  • Preview files

  • Download files

How long Share Links stay active

Share Links are automatically set to end 3 months after the creation date.

Editing Shared Links

In the Brand portal, created Shared Links cannot be edited. This means that once a Share Link is created in the Brand portal, you cannot change the name, the permissions or the date when it will expire.

Note: If you have access to it, Share Links can be edited in Swivle.

Creating the Share Link

Tip: When sharing files that are stored in multiple locations, add them to the Basket first. This way you can share them in one action instead of sharing files one-by-one or in small groups.

Step 1. Do one of the following:

To share an individual file:

  • Click the Share icon in the thumbnail for that file.

  • Select the file and in the menu bar, click 'Share'.

  • Right-click the file and from the context menu that appears, choose 'Share'.

Figure: The Share icon in the thumbnail of a file.

​To share multiple files:

  • Select them and in the menu bar, click 'Share'.

  • In the Basket, click 'Share All'.

The Share Link is created and presented in a window.

Figure: The URL of the created share link
​Step 2. Do one of the following:

  • Click the link to open it in a Web browser.

  • Right-click the link and choose Copy from the context menu or click the Copy link button (note: the 'Copy link' button is not available in Safari).

Step 3. Share the link in some way, for example by including it in an e-mail that you send to all users who you want to see the files.

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