Sharing Bookmarks in Swivle
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Working on files in Swivle starts by searching for these files. Some files are searched for on a regular basis, such as those in a particular location, with a particular status, and so on.

Users can save often used searches as a Bookmark. These appear in a list in front of the Search box of Swivle.

System administrators can share any Bookmark that is created by a user with other users. This way, often used searches can be made available as a Bookmark to multiple users so that they do not have to manually enter or be aware of the search criteria themselves.

Shared Bookmarks can be recognized by the users icon next to their name in the Bookmark menu.

Figure: The Bookmarks menu showing Bookmarks that are pinned and Bookmarks that are shared between users.

This article explains how to share Bookmarks.


  • Bookmarks can only be assigned to user groups, not to individual users. Make sure therefore that user groups have been set up.

Managing Bookmarks

Managing Bookmarks is done on the User Groups page in the Management Console.

Step 1. Access the Management Console and choose Permissions > Groups.

The Manage User Groups appears.

Step 2. In the menu at the top, select Bookmarks.

Sharing Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be shared by assigning them to a user group.

Step 1. Access the Bookmarks page (see above).

Step 2. From the list of user groups, select the user group to which the Bookmark needs to be assigned.

Tip: Use the Filter to narrow down the results in the list by typing any part of a name.

Step 3. From the list of Bookmarks, select the Bookmark that needs to be assigned to the group.

Tip: Filter the list by name, user, or Bookmark ID (shown in the URL of the Bookmark as &bookmark=<id>)

To indicate that this Bookmark is now shared, the name turns red and a check mark appears in front of it.

Editing, deleting or creating Bookmarks

Editing or deleting a Bookmark is done by clicking the pencil icon for the Bookmark. Swivle will open with the Bookmark active from where it can be changed or deleted.

Creating a new Bookmark can only be done in Swivle, not through the Management Console.

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